Spicy Kimchi Ramen Cup, 59g

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Spicy, tangy and sweet. The Spicy Kimchi Ramen noodle soup packs a delicious blend of classic kimchi flavor with savory spices. It’s gluten-free, made with organic noodles, and ready in 9 minutes.

Rice Ramen: Organic Rice Flour. Soup: Kimchi (Cabbage, Carrot, Chili Powder, Garlic, Green Chinese onion, Onion, Ginger, Fish sauce, Malt sugar, Apple juice, sugar, Sticky rice, Brine shrimp, Yeast extract, fish, Salt, Shredded kelp, Xanthan gum), Tofu (Water, Soybeans, Malt syrup, Corn starch, Glucose, Calcium Sulfate, Guar gum), Chili sauce (Chili, Soybeans paste, Water, Salt), Maltodextrin; Scallion,Hydrolyzed protein (soybean protein, Maltodextrin, Yeast extract, Cornstarch, Salt, Caramel), Salt, Sugar, Corn starch, Extract of sea weed (sea weed, Salt, Yeast extract, Maltodextrin, fish powder), Chili powder, Guar gum.

CONTAINS fish (mingtai, skipjack,anchovy), shrimp and soy.

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