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Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit - Reishi
Balanced Energy, Iced Tea Lemonade 150gBalanced Energy, Iced Tea Lemonade 150g
Balanced Energy, Roasted Coffee 150gBalanced Energy, Roasted Coffee 150g
Rebound Recovery, Tropical Mango Peach 150gRebound Recovery, Tropical Mango Peach 150g
Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit - Lion's Mane
Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit, Blue Oyster
Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit - Pink Oyster
Grow Your Own Mushroom Kit - Golden Oyster
Lion's Mane Extract, 120 Capsules
Best Start, Mint 265g
ENEREX Best Start, Mint 265g
Sale price$54.99
Cordyceps Elixir, 20 Packets
Chaga Elixir, 20 Packets
Lion's Mane Elixir, 20 Packets
Reishi Elixir, 20 Packets
Mushroom Cacao with Reishi, 10 Packets
Mushroom Cacao with Cordyceps, 10 Packets
Golden Latte with Turkey Tail, 10 Packets
Matcha Latte with Lion's Mane, 10 Packets
Lion's Mane, Sumac & Juniper Tonic, 355mL
Reishi, Elderberry & Birch Tonic, 355mL
Reishi Hot Chocolate, 106g
Lion's Mane Iced Tea, 80g
Supreme Immune Booster, 90 Capsules
Chaga, Blueberry & Spruce Tonic, 355mL
Mushroom Cacao with Reishi, 1 Packet
Mushroom Cacao with Cordyceps, 1 Packet
Matcha Latte with Lion's Mane, 1 Packet
Golden Latte with Turkey Tail, 1 Packet
Lion's Mane, 120 Capsules
Wisdom, 60 CapsulesWisdom, 60 Capsules
Defense, 60 CapsulesDefense, 60 Capsules
Chaga, 60 Capsules
PURICA Chaga, 60 Capsules
Sale price$28.99
Lion's Mane, 60 Capsules
Cordyceps, 60 Capsules
Lion's Mane, 100g
PURICA Lion's Mane, 100g
Sale price$43.99
Lion's Mane, 60 Capsules
Red Reishi, 60 Capsules
Cordyceps, 100g
PURICA Cordyceps, 100g
Sale price$43.99
Red Reishi, 100g
PURICA Red Reishi, 100g
Sale price$43.99
Cordyceps Elixir, 1 Packet

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