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Hemp Hearts, 227g
Organic Hemp Hearts, 340g
Dried Mango, 120g
SOLAR GOLD Dried Mango, 120g
Sale price$4.79
Organic Hemp Hearts, 200g
Machu Pichu Nuts & Fruit Mix, 150g
Hemp Hearts, 454g
Organic Whole Golden Flax Seeds, 454g
Mango Chips, 50g
CHIWIS Mango Chips, 50g
Sale price$7.99
Kiwi Chips Superfruit Snacks, Original 50g
Organic Whole Brown Flax Seeds, 454g
Organic Milled Brown Flax Seeds, 454g
Dark Chia Seeds, 454gDark Chia Seeds, 454g
Save $2.30
Dried Pineapple, 120g
SOLAR GOLD Dried Pineapple, 120g
Sale price$2.49 Regular price$4.79
Save $2.30
Dried Tropical Mix, 120g
SOLAR GOLD Dried Tropical Mix, 120g
Sale price$2.49 Regular price$4.79
Organic Coconut Rolls, Ginger 100g
Organic Coconut Rolls, Chocolate 100g
Organic Coconut Rolls, Original 100g
Pineapple Chips, 50g
CHIWIS Pineapple Chips, 50g
Sale price$7.99
Orange Chips, 50g
CHIWIS Orange Chips, 50g
Sale price$7.99
Kiwi Chips Superfruit Snack, Tropical 50g
Sun Dried Tomato Halves, 85g
Coconut Chips, Original 100g
Organic Toasted Coconut Flakes, 270g
Sumsuma Sesame Squares, 150g
Amandine Maple Almonds, 150g
Organic Ground Black Chia, 200g
Organic Whole Black Chia, 300g
Organic Whole White Chia, 300g
Annapurna Trail Mix, 150g
Kilimanjaro Deluxe Chocolate Mix, 150g
Organic Goji Berries, 227g
Organic Milled Golden Flax Seeds, 454g
Dried Cherries, 100gDried Cherries, 100g
Dark Chia Seeds, 227gDark Chia Seeds, 227g
Dried Banana with a Hint of Lime, 120g
Organic Roasted Pumpkin Seeds, Salted 113g

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