Organic Vegan Sour Gummies

Packaging: Paper Bag
Sale price$9.74


Ingredients: glucose syrup, cane sugar (not refined), corn starch, acidulants (citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid), fruit juice concentrates 1.59% (apple 0.88%, pear 0.15%, blueberry 0.15%, sea buckthorn 0.15%, cranberry 0.13%, raspberry 0.15), acidity regulator (calcium citrate, sodium citrate), gelling agent (pectin), colouring fruit and plant extracts (pumpkin, apple, elderberry), natural flavours, caramel syrup

Price per pound: $14.99

This is sold in units of one 375mL jar.  Net weight of the contents is approximately 0.65lb

If you select “Returnable Glass Jar” as your packaging option $2 is included in the price for the jar deposit.  Please return the jar in store to receive your $2 back.

If you select “paper bag” as your packaging option, you will receive the same quantity of product packaged in a 100% recycled paper bag.

Product of: Germany

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