Organic Oat Based Chocolate Bar, Hazelnut & Salted Caramel 80g

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One of the newest additions to Camino’s line of fair trade chocolate bars! This special bar is a perfect cross between vegan milk chocolate and dark chocolate!

Fairtrade oat milk chocolate with hazelnuts and pieces of salted caramel. 43% dairy-free milk chocolate that’s a little on the dark side for a milk chocolate. It’s smooth and creamy, but also packs a flavoursome bite due to the higher cocoa content.

Fair trade chocolate wrapped in recyclable paper and a fully biodegradable inner wrapper made from wood resin. Please recycle and compost!

Ingredients: Sugar*(Golden Cane Sugar*), Cocoa Butter*, Cacao Mass*, Oat flour* (gluten-free), Caramel pieces*(cane sugar*, fructose*), Hazelnut pieces*, Ground Hazelnuts*, Sea Salt (Guérande), Ground Vanilla Beans*. *Fairtrade certified. Contains hazelnuts. May contain peanuts, almonds and milk.

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