Bone Basics, 240 Capsules

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Supports bone health and cartilage repair

  • Helps maintain healthy bones
  • Supports joint health and cartilage repair
Serving Size: Six Capsules
Calcium (from bone meal, MCHA)  900 mg
Phosphorus (from bone meal, MCHA)  407 mg
Boron (Citrate)  700 mcg
Copper (Citrate)  1000 mcg
Magnesium (Ascorbate, Citrate, Glycinate)  200 mg
Manganese (Bisglycinate)  5 mg
Zinc (Citrate)  11 mg
Vitamin C (ascorbyl palmitate, ascorbic Acid, magnesium ascorbate)  100 mg
Vitamin K2 (MK-7/MK-4)  120 mcg
Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)  1000 IU (25 mcg)
Non-medicinal Ingredients: silicon dioxide, microcrystalline cellulose, starch, sucrose, arabic gum, sunflower oil, tocopherol, medium chain triglycerides,
and tricalcium phosphate. Capsule: hypromellose, hydroxypropylcellulose.

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