Wide Mouth Mason Jar Storage Lid

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Intelligent Lids are one-piece, reusable plastic mason jars lids. The one-piece iLids Storage Lid makes it possible to shake up your smoothie or have airtight storage of dry goods right in your mason jar.

  • Fits WIDE MOUTH mason jars with 3 3/8″ outer edge diameter
  • Help you reduce, reuse and recycle using mason jars you already have.
  • Airtight (they are made with an inner gasket)
  • Made from food-safe polypropylene #5 that is recycled and recyclable.
  • Do not contain BPA, BPS or Phthalates
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Minimally packaged in recycled and recyclable kraft board
  • Don’t rust like metal canning lids
  • Each lid sold separately
  • NOT for use in canning
  • Made in the USA

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