Blue Balm, 1oz

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This jar of magic healing balm is made with oil lunar-infused with foraged yarrow, chamomile, and plantain leaves. Yarrow and Chamomile blue essential oils contain Chamazulene which is blue!

Simply rub directly on any cuts, bruises, scrapes, or rashes.

- Wildcrafted Yarrow Herb & Essential Oil
- Local Chamomile Herb & Essential Oil
- Wildcrafted Plantain
- Aloe Butter

Coconut oil & Extra Virgin Olive oil (infused with Wildcrafted Yarrow, Local Chamomile, and Wildcrafted Plantain), Aloe Butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E, and Essential Oils of Yarrow & Chamomile Blue, Blue Oxide

1oz, glass

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