Organic No Added Sugar Crispy Wafer, 30g

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This wafer is delicious because of the quality ingredients and recipe rather than an artificial sweetener. Mild and delicate, unexpectedly likable both to those who choose to avoid sugar and to those who don’t mind. Sheets made of einkorn flour, the ancient and wild crop with lower gluten content, filled with organic sunflower seed paste and cream of organic coconut butter and skimmed milk powder. And the applauses go to the main hero here: blue agave inulin. As the consumption of inulin doesn’t affect the blood sugar levels, the wafer is suitable for people who avoid sugar in their diet. As a natural prebiotic fiber, inulin improves the gut microbiota by serving as food for good bacteria. Worry less. Enjoy more!


Organic wholegrain einkorn, organic agave inulin, organic coconut butter, organic sunflower seed paste, organic skimmed milk powder, organic cocoa powder, organic sunflower oil, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, salt, antioxidant: organic rosemary extract.

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