Organic Dandelion Juice, 200mL

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  • Stimulates the production and flow of bile.
  • Supports digestion by stimulating bile and digestive juices.
  • Has a tonic and laxative effect in intestines.
May help support the urinary system. dandelion fresh plant juice contains various oils and minerals such as calcium, manganese phosphorous, potassium, silica, sodium and sulphur. dandelion juice has traditionally been favoured for its metabloic effects, especially as a detox. it may also be combined with celery juice and nettle juice in a structured dietary regime for improved health.
Recommended Uses

Adults and adolescents (9 years and older):Take 10 ml of Salus Organic Dandelion Juice twice daily, preferably before meals.  

Children (age 4 – 8): Take 5 ml of Salus Organic Dandelion Juice once daily, preferably before a meal. Shake bottle well before use. A measuring cup is provided.

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